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Mimaki Ink



Excellent weatherability and rub-fastness! The standard ink for beautiful indoor and outdoor signage.

In the ink, the pigment is dispersed in an organic solvent, and thus the ink is quick drying due to the volatility of the solvent. This property enables direct printing onto PVC, which are extensively used for both indoor and outdoor signage and displays. In addition to excellent weatherability and rub-fastness, our unique inkjet technology provides super-high picture quality without a granular appearance. Furthermore, “ease of maintenance” and “cost effectiveness” are also favorable features of this ink. Mimaki solvent inks are reputed worldwide for their beautiful long-lasting nature and are used as a standard ink for signage printing.


Eco-conscious and versatile ink!
High image representation expands possibilities for signage printing.

A water-based Mimaki latex ink has been developed by concentrating Mimaki’s technologies, without losing the vibrant color and high color reproducibility of solvent inks. Resins contained in the latex ink are dissolved by heat and form a membrane to firmly fix pigments to the surface of the media. The latex ink allows for printing on a wide range of materials including PVC, paper, fabric, and PET film without the ink absorbing layer, which is typically difficult to print on with solvent ink. Eco-conscious low VOC* formulation latex ink does not require special ventilation in the workplace; therefore, it reduces any adverse operator health effects. *Volatile Organic Compounds

Aqueous Water-based pigment

Mimaki inkjet technology started from a water-based pigment ink

Mimaki water-based pigment ink produces bright colors and has lightfastness. Unlike a water-based dye ink*, pigments exist in water at larger particle levels; therefore, the pigment ink is not easily decomposed by light. In 1996, Mimaki developed the first wide-format inkjet printer in the industry for pigment ink. Fade-resistant pigment ink prints showed high outdoor durability with laminating. The innovative pigment ink printer took the outdoor signage market by storm. *Water-based dye ink: Dyes are dissolved in water at the molecular level.


Immediate curing and adhesion by UV radiation: an ecological and energy-saving ink

The UV-curable ink is cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation. The print is already dried when it comes out of the printer, allowing a short delivery request to be met. Printing on non-absorbent materials, including plastic, glass, and metal, is available. To give shape to ideas, Mimaki offers a range of UV-curable ink products to meet demands from various industries, ranging from decorating and architecture to industrial design.


High-density sublimation ink dramatically improves print quality on polyester

The ink is fixed on the polyester fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. The combination of ink and machine technologies achieves cost-effective and eco-conscious direct sublimation printing. Sublimation transfer printing is also available on polyester fabrics with vivid and clear colors. Several black inks are offered to produce subtle differences in shades of black.


Wool, leather, silk, and nylon are dyed beautifully.

Mimaki acid dye inks produce vivid and brilliant colors on animal fibers, including wool, leather, silk, and synthetic protein fibers, such as nylon, by utilizing their acidic properties. Mimaki’s unique technology allows printed inks to penetrate through to the reverse side of the material and delivers delicate printing resembling that of a traditional printing process.


Mimaki reactive dye ink enables printing on cotton, hemp, silk, rayon, and some kinds of polyester. These dye inks produce vibrant colors, reproduce a wide gamut of colors, and have water resistance, light-fastness, and rub-fastness because of dyestuff molecule bonding with the fibers

Textile Pigment

Prints on almost all fabrics, produces world-class brilliant color and high quality printing

Mimaki textile pigment inks contain a binder and a binding agent, which fix the color to the fibers on heating, and print fabrics with vibrant colors without losing their breathability and water absorbability. A wide range of materials are available for print applications, including apparel, such as T-shirts, signage flags, and more. Furthermore, the ink has a low formaldehyde content and has minimal impact on human skin and the natural environment.